Happy 303 Day!

The name 303 Legal is a nod to the Roland TB-303, an early synthesizer that began its life as a commercial failure. After production was discontinued, the devalued units became a cheap, accessible instrument with which musicians birthed the acid genre and rave culture of the late 80s. It was a creation of something new and vibrant built on that which convention discarded. The instrument’s story is a great metaphor for what we do!

We strive to take people’s situation (failures, mistakes, relationship problems, business problems, substitute your issue here) and help them make something better out of it. We want them to know that it will be okay—different, perhaps, but okay.

It may not be what they hope for, but we will stand with them—we will be there the whole way.

Jonathan Schmidt, Founder
303 Legal, P.C.

Here is a little clip with DJ Pierre talking about the legendary instrument…