What Is the Impact of Overcrowding on Sentencing Guidelines?

Here’s a simple truth: Our correctional systems in the United States are crowded. The United States has a prison population of approximately 2.3 million according to Bureau of Justice Statistics. That equates to approximately 481 people incarcerated per 100,000 of the population[1]. The American criminal justice system holds almost 2.3 million people in 1,719 state…

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What Constitutes A Criminal Offense?

What is a criminal offense? Without question, there are many different kinds of crimes. After all, there are entire books, often called criminal or penal codes, which define all of the crimes in a particular jurisdiction as well as the punishments for those offenses. Ultimately, a crime is a type of wrongdoing that is different…

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New Iowa DUI Law Will Require More Ignition Interlock Devices

Last year, Iowa enacted an updated DUI law that results in more ignition interlock devices having to be installed when a person is convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. It is important to understand the changes that this law made and other consequences that a person convicted of…

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courtroom trial right to remain silent

How Do Plea Deals Work?

Going to trial is always a risky proposition no matter how certain a criminal defendant may be of his or her innocence. A jury is comprised of individuals with their own thoughts on the criminal justice system, jail, and guilt or innocence, as well as with their own prejudices and preconceptions. Despite the best possible…

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What Are Your Rights under the Confrontation Clause?

If you are a criminal defendant who has been accused of a crime, it is likely that much of the evidence that will be presented against you at trial will take the form of witness testimony. This means that individuals who witnessed activities or heard information related to your case will take the stand and…

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Criminal Defense Judge

What Does the Right to A Speedy Trial Really Mean?

The United States Constitution has enshrined important protections for criminal defendants in Iowa and throughout the country. These protections include the right to an attorney representative in most situations, the right to be free from unlawful search and seizure, and the right to remain silent. Criminal defendants also have the right to a speedy trial…

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jury in criminal defense trial

Mistakes: What Role Do They Place In Criminal Defense?

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Defendants in Cedar Rapids When an individual is charged with a crime, he or she must determine all of the possible defenses and explanations that exist to show a jury why the charges are incorrect. In some cases, defendants may be able to establish that the charges are entirely wrong…

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searching cell phone

Can Police Search Your Cell Phone?

Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney for the People of Cedar Rapids As our society’s technologies evolve and change, so do the ways that police can access our personal and private information. As cell phone providers and app makers increasingly track our habits, locations, and friends, cell phones have become a hotbed of personal information that can…

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juvenile wearing dark hoodie

Navigating the Iowa Juvenile Justice System

Being a criminal defendant is never easy. The Iowa criminal justice system is a finely tuned machine, with prosecutors who are able to quickly and effectively assemble cases against defendants. Many criminal defendants struggle to obtain representation and find themselves playing catch-up in a system that leaves little room for error or misunderstanding. For juvenile…

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