A lawyer studying ways to resolve business disputes without litigation.

What Are the Ways to Resolve Business Disputes Without Litigation?

Viable businesses are going concerns engaged in multiple business arenas. These arenas can involve traditional commercial activity (e.g., selling goods or performing services, etc.) or perhaps government relations or matters of intellectual property. Nevertheless, the law of numbers says that if you operate a viable business, you will end up in some sort of business…

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An attorney discussing the 4 elements of breach of contract.

Breach of Contract: The 4 Elements

Contracts form the foundation of all economic transactions. Whether involving global petroleum deals or weekly office cleaning services, each contract can be just as valid and enforceable. However, things don’t always go as planned. Therefore, when you rely on the other party to perform under a contract and they fail to do so, what should…

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A woman who plans to look for reasons to sue her business partner.

6 Reasons to Sue Your Business Partner

People enter into business together to pursue a common vision born of common interest. The drive for success and unqualified hope in the future often seems to be the grease to ease all potential disagreements. However, discord frequently arises between business partners in the form of disagreements on a future course, a failure to uphold…

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Old man reading a document

Here Are the #1 Lethal Insider Threats to Your Business

Business competition in most industries is brutal and getting worse. With globalization, you now have to compete with the entire world for market share. In addition to threats from the outside, however, there are a number of lethal insider threats to a business that you need to become aware of. The most potent insider threats…

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The Impact Of Recent Tax Reforms On Businesses

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, recently passed under the direction of President Trump was, without question, a significant and sweeping tax reform. It will have a substantial and lasting impact on many aspects of our economy and on individual taxpayers and businesses alike. This new tax code was intended to provide benefits for the…

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Contract and Fountain Pen

How To Resolve A Contractual Dispute

In life, we make certain plans and agreements. Sometimes, if the necessity arises and if both parties feel it is in their best interest, those plans and agreements become contracts. Unfortunately, however, some of our best thought-out plans don’t always turn out quite as we envisioned. In some instances, where we thought there was a…

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What Happens After You Win Your Lawsuit?

Congratulations, after a perhaps long and hard-fought battle, you’ve accomplished the goal that you initially set out to achieve when you first filed your lawsuit – you’ve won! This is no small feat and certainly cause for celebration, but it does not mean that your litigation efforts are over.  After the judge, or a jury,…

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