The Impact Of Recent Tax Reforms On Businesses

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, recently passed under the direction of President Trump was, without question, a significant and sweeping tax reform. It will have a substantial and lasting impact on many aspects of our economy and on individual taxpayers and businesses alike. This new tax code was intended to provide benefits for the…

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Contract and Fountain Pen

How To Resolve A Contractual Dispute

In life, we make certain plans and agreements. Sometimes, if the necessity arises and if both parties feel it is in their best interest, those plans and agreements become contracts. Unfortunately, however, some of our best thought-out plans don’t always turn out quite as we envisioned. In some instances, where we thought there was a…

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What Happens After You Win Your Lawsuit?

Congratulations, after a perhaps long and hard-fought battle, you’ve accomplished the goal that you initially set out to achieve when you first filed your lawsuit – you’ve won! This is no small feat and certainly cause for celebration, but it does not mean that your litigation efforts are over.  After the judge, or a jury,…

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Confidentiality agreement

Do I Need a Protective Order in My Case?

Many times in litigation, parties to a case will have to exchange information that is sensitive, private, confidential, or even a trade secret. Although the party may not want to hand over this information for any one of these reasons, the party is often required to because the information or documents are relevant to the…

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business owner signing document

Preparing Your Business For a 30(b)(6) Deposition

One of the challenges with commercial litigation involving big companies is that knowledge of the business, and how it operates, is often spread across many different individuals. The CFO may understand finances, while the CEO understands operations, along with many others in between. This creates difficulty for parties when conducting depositions. When you or your…

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business mediation

When to Avoid The Courtroom Through Business Mediation

When a dispute within a business or between different businesses arises, the first thought for many is to file a lawsuit and attack the problem with a “scorched earth” approach. Increasingly, however, businesses are turning to mediation as a way to resolve disputes more efficiently and amicably so that at the end of the day,…

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