Couple holding a baby.

Child Custody: What Are The Rights of Unmarried Parents?

Generally, the rights of unmarried parents include the same rights to the care, custody, and control of their child that married parents enjoy. However, there is one caveat. Unmarried biological fathers, otherwise known as putative fathers, must establish themselves as legal parent before they can exercise visitation and make decisions impacting the child. What Does…

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A truck rear-ended a vehicle.

What Is the Settlement Value If I Was Rear-Ended by a Commercial Truck?

Were you rear-ended by a commercial truck and injured? Commercial trucks can include tractor-trailers, tankers, tow trucks, emergency vehicles, dump trucks, etc.—pretty much any large truck used by a business qualifies. Accidents with these vehicles can involve catastrophic damage, injuries, and death simply because of their size. You might be wondering, How do I start…

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Independent medical examination.

Do I Need An Independent Medical Examination?

With the filing of any type of personal injury lawsuit, there are many things that an injured plaintiff has to do to win their case. Because this is an injury claim, the defendant’s insurance company has the right to have you examined by a doctor of their choosing. These examinations are usually called independent medical…

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Gavel and wood shaped into a family.

Alimony: How a Judge Sets the Amount

You may find it difficult to go your own way with respect to finances after divorce. Most spouses both have jobs. However, it is still common for one spouse to be the homemaker in the marriage. Inequities arise when the economically dependent spouse can not find a suitable job after years of unemployment. In Iowa,…

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Old man reading a document

Here Are the #1 Lethal Insider Threats to Your Business

Business competition in most industries is brutal and getting worse. With globalization, you now have to compete with the entire world for market share. In addition to threats from the outside, however, there are a number of lethal insider threats to a business that you need to become aware of. The most potent insider threats…

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Cheerful woman playing with her adopted child at home

5 Ways To Legally Adopt a Child in Iowa

There are several ways to legally adopt a child in Iowa一private agency adoption, foster care adoption, independent adoption, and international adoption. In every case, the assistance of an experienced Iowa adoption lawyer will be necessary. Private Agency Adoption In a private agency adoption, you typically adopt an infant who has not yet been born at…

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A crying toddler.

Spanking and Its Effects On A Child’s Brain Development

Spanking is becoming a more and more taboo way to discipline one’s children. While a national research study shows that many adults still believe spanking is an adequate way to discipline a child, the number of adults who disapprove of the practice is growing every year. The negative effects on a child far outweigh any…

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Celebrating Holidays: Stay Away from Products That May Injure You

Labor Day will be here before you know it, then there comes October with all the fun activities, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and so on. So many fun celebrations! While most people are grilling, camping, swimming and/or boating, and even celebrating with fireworks, it is important to remember to stay away from products that may…

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