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How Do Plea Deals Work?

Going to trial is always a risky proposition no matter how certain a criminal defendant may be of his or her innocence. A jury is comprised of individuals with their own thoughts on the criminal justice system, jail, and guilt or innocence, as well as with their own prejudices and preconceptions. Despite the best possible…

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What Happens After You Win Your Lawsuit?

Congratulations, after a perhaps long and hard-fought battle, you’ve accomplished the goal that you initially set out to achieve when you first filed your lawsuit – you’ve won! This is no small feat and certainly cause for celebration, but it does not mean that your litigation efforts are over.  After the judge, or a jury,…

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Handling Uncontested Joint Custody in a Divorce Proceeding

Lawyers and individuals talking about divorce proceedings have a tendency to focus on the worst-case scenarios. Advice from some attorneys, friends, or family members regarding how to proceed in divorce tends to focus on instances where all-out war was waged between spouses, or where one spouse is urged to anticipate that the other will be…

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What Happens If I’m Injured on Someone Else’s Property?

Personal injuries can arise in a wide variety of circumstances. Sometimes they’re the result of a bike or car accident that leads to physical damage and personal injuries. Other times, they can be the result of unsafe circumstances at work such as a faulty railing or broken equipment. Many personal injuries also arise because of…

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What Are Your Rights under the Confrontation Clause?

If you are a criminal defendant who has been accused of a crime, it is likely that much of the evidence that will be presented against you at trial will take the form of witness testimony. This means that individuals who witnessed activities or heard information related to your case will take the stand and…

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Confidentiality agreement

Do I Need a Protective Order in My Case?

Many times in litigation, parties to a case will have to exchange information that is sensitive, private, confidential, or even a trade secret. Although the party may not want to hand over this information for any one of these reasons, the party is often required to because the information or documents are relevant to the…

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Child Support

How Is Child Support Calculated in Iowa?

In a divorce, circumstances surrounding children often arise as the most contentious issues that parents must deal with. Aside from complicated issues of custody and visitation, non-custodial parents, and also parents who share the physical care,  must also figure out how much money they owe to the other parent in the form of child support….

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Criminal Defense Judge

What Does the Right to A Speedy Trial Really Mean?

The United States Constitution has enshrined important protections for criminal defendants in Iowa and throughout the country. These protections include the right to an attorney representative in most situations, the right to be free from unlawful search and seizure, and the right to remain silent. Criminal defendants also have the right to a speedy trial…

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