Prenuptial Agreement

What Does A Prenuptial Agreement Cover?

Very few people, upon planning a marriage, are eager to contemplate a divorce. This is understandable. Unfortunately, however, the reality is that approximately one in three marriages do end in divorce. This unfortunate but real possibility has led many to consider entering into prenuptial agreements. There is a common misconception that prenuptial agreements are only…

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Semi Truck Crash

Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents: What you need to know

As anyone who’s spent any amount of time on an expressway recently knows, semi-trucks are everywhere. Without question, these gigantic vehicles that we share the road with daily play a vital role in keeping commerce running smoothly throughout our country. They’re invaluable, and it would be difficult to do without them. While this is true,…

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Contract and Fountain Pen

How To Resolve A Contractual Dispute

In life, we make certain plans and agreements. Sometimes, if the necessity arises and if both parties feel it is in their best interest, those plans and agreements become contracts. Unfortunately, however, some of our best thought-out plans don’t always turn out quite as we envisioned. In some instances, where we thought there was a…

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What Constitutes A Criminal Offense?

What is a criminal offense? Without question, there are many different kinds of crimes. After all, there are entire books, often called criminal or penal codes, which define all of the crimes in a particular jurisdiction as well as the punishments for those offenses. Ultimately, a crime is a type of wrongdoing that is different…

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Happy 303 Day!

The name 303 Legal is a nod to the Roland TB-303, an early synthesizer that began its life as a commercial failure. After production was discontinued, the devalued units became a cheap, accessible instrument with which musicians birthed the acid genre and rave culture of the late 80s. It was a creation of something new and vibrant built on…

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New Iowa DUI Law Will Require More Ignition Interlock Devices

Last year, Iowa enacted an updated DUI law that results in more ignition interlock devices having to be installed when a person is convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. It is important to understand the changes that this law made and other consequences that a person convicted of…

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iowa courts child custody

What Do Iowa Courts Consider When Awarding Child Custody?

If Iowa parents agree to a custody arrangement, they can formally request that the court enter an order that provides for this agreement. However, if the parents can’t reach an agreement on child custody, the court will award custody based on the “best interest of the child.” The court uses many factors to determine what…

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courtroom trial right to remain silent

How Do Plea Deals Work?

Going to trial is always a risky proposition no matter how certain a criminal defendant may be of his or her innocence. A jury is comprised of individuals with their own thoughts on the criminal justice system, jail, and guilt or innocence, as well as with their own prejudices and preconceptions. Despite the best possible…

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